The Crazed Wanderers

This is a long, laborious transcription of the notes from my 9 month Europe trip, circa 1978 the originals are faded, water damaged, smudged, illegible and borderline illiterate (a lot like me) - close to valueless, even as a memory prod. But I discovered as I read them, long dormant recollections began migrating toward the light - much like sand crabs. From this distance it’s impossible to tell what is fact and what is fantasy, but I’ve always had difficulty discerning between the two. The key ? means I can’t remember anything about the current subject. Google is my co-pilot here.

The Journal: Atlanta GA, 591 Morningside Drive (Brian Talgo, Dave: “roll another one” Pettry, Brad Perkins, Rise (last name unknown) (and occasionally Walter - like vowels): Morning - empty room, rain, pants ? (SA) {after endless pondering I resurrected SA is stoner for Stoned Again.}, final packing. Pat (pot, anxiety), Chris flips out. Dawn, we leave. Dawn (more pants) ? Lost, airport. Mom O, Jan O, Wade, Garry, Mary H. Bathroom change & sermon. Phil - we board.

NYC - free ride La Guardia (Eastern $9 ?) 747, passport holder, Jim (oil Arabia), Leon (British) (predictably: ?) London - no customs, tube hassle, rain & McDonalds. AMX, Goodge St. is the tube stop for Gower House; French hotel; Niles (Ireland) & Central Hotel, Western County pub & acid ? (I’m gonna guess I’d remember if I’d taken acid. Maybe this will become clear as time moves forward.)

to Canterbury - New Cross pub, rain, 1st: ? (must be first ride) sick daughter, PA (public accountant? Pennsylvania?) van to Maidstone; short ride (school - teacher?), Welchman & hitchhiker, stories to 252 (to Deal ?), long long walk, ride to Canterbury with gypsies. 

Canterbury - Youth Hostile, bitch, discouragement, Don & Pat ?, High Meadow, Sweeny Todd’s: Andy, Doug, Debbie, Darwin, Ziggy, the Stud, Larry, Tracy, Dave and the bunnies, Marie and the Moto Guzzi, Albury’s

to Dover - German/British couple in Jaguar, pot, 
Dover - another Youth Hostile, Jim (London) & Steve (La Jolla), asshole Italian. Hovercraft, 2 Germans, bus to Deal

Deal - Dennis @ pub + tobacco, HUGE misunderstanding. Pensione, Bruce (Canadian). Walk to St. Margaret’s, pub - old men w/dogs, bus to Dover, Don & Pat ?

to London - lorry driver, coffee Kent ? son & soccer, Gallo wine Italian, to train.

London - Central Hotel x2, Holland House (assholes), Finnish girl & Udde & Utta, Earls Court YH (youth hostile), Mark & Shane, Niles (from Central Hotel) @ Sloane Square, Princess Louise ?, Steve & ?, letter from Dad, Soho

Bus to Athens - to Dover, then Calais. Adrian & Kerry (Aus), Graham wheel problems (is he the driver?), Irish couple, Trevor, Justin, Vacillis. LONG bus ride; plowing fields with ox in Yugoslavia

Athens - strawberries! Hotel @ Plaka, night HORNS. Outdoor taverna, waiter ?, to Guest House Giogos w/Kerry & Graham, Acropolis, car wreck @nite: christmas tree with thousands of ornaments falling over; leather shop, ferry to Syros, Graham’s nose (before sun, after sun: anything to use during sun?) dolphin necklace. Ends up on the ocean floor in Jax Beach.

Syros - old man w/pensione, church ?, Kerios ?, ferry to Ios w/K&G

Ios - Maria’s, Irish couple food poisoning, G&K leave, the madman Antonis and his brother Demetrius at the Cavo d’Oro, Justin & Trevor, Johnny & Kath (Glasgow/Nottingham), masks & snorkels, brothers on beach (?), my tooth disengages, sandal (?), dentist = Santorini w/J&K

Santorini - dolphin follow ferry, 587 steps, odd pensione, Demetrius ? (is he here? Demetrius is the John of Greece), Kath sick, Another YH, Black beach @ Perrissa, collumns underwater, tooth fixed (no pliers!), move to beach, long swim, tooth goes again, we go back to dentist, J&K leave, we leave for Crete, French Canadians on bus ?

Crete - Heraklion, sunrise, Egypt (can’t get there from here), Knossos, bookstore, to Ierapetra (SE)

Ierapetra - Andreis, baker, L’arc ? (is this the name of the bakery?), Pierre & Claudine, Allen (Detroit) & Anna (BC), Allen leaves, Kairn (Liverpool) and Stamates (Ierapetra) offers job, France Irish coffee ?, rock ?, Gisela & Jurgen !, Kairn & Anna leave, Niko ?, no job, last night w/Stamates, Giorgos, Crete book, off to Sitia. (NE)  

Sitia - Seamus (Manchester) & Niki (London), bus to Vie, rock climbing, restaurant on S&N, jellyfish, ripoffs ?, leave for Agia Fotia (E of Sitia)

Agia Fotia - set camp, police, move, lost 30 drachma, ride w/French couple      

Ierapetra - Yannis, Stamates again, & Kairn. Frank (California - a goldsmith). Chris works for Stamates (joke: not funny). Dan (BC - Chris’ coworker ?) we decide to leave (footnote Tent, sweater ?). Chris loses bag - cardiac, but OK - Elentherios (Liberty, Lizard, Lefty {are these all the same person?}) & his letters, Jim (US-Paris), fish cafe bar ?. I am confused

Find ferry times, last lunch w/Stamtes & Lizard: bizarre vibes. Lizard/Leftedis proves to be police, buys us dinner. Stamates is very bizarre, leaves. Lefty wants to ride bikes. Bye to Jurgen & Gisela, I say bye to Jim & Dan. Stamates returns, very abrupt, good riddance. We get ice cream, leave in the morning.

Heraklion -  Santorini is 300d, Ios next day 170 from Malia so we hitch w/Kairn, sleep on beach. Morning body surfing on waves from earthquake in Thessilonika. The gang: Karen (BC), Liza (LA), Steve (UK), Roy (UK), Allen (SW). Airforce base party Al & Lee - 4th of July on the 2nd. 2 hitches to Heraklion (Bob (Michigan) & Marsha (Swedish))

Ios - Madman’s, we eat & wait, Johnny & Kath, Frank from Ierapetra & Anna, swim. Demetrius & Giorgos (brothers) party, sleep on beach. Kevin the cave man ? (was he AT the cave?). Trek to the cave - bulls - Kevin gone, we become Flintstones.

    Cave - Naxos ?, bats, mice, sea life, brilliant dives, trip to town for supplies and alcohol. Jim & John (Ierapetra) (?), water bottles.

    Last trip to town - thrown out of Yannis, English loon in Cavo d’Oro. J&K cards (visa?), we decide to leave. Party at docks w/Demetrios (“Off season? Try to get local women to talk to me.”) Boat late, rough water.

Athens - again. French girl, rolled sailor, subway & boy (all ?) Giorgos, plaka, 2 waiters (?) 
Sleep on roof, german pukes. Morning - laundry. Nowhere to sell blood, meet Salom, bus to Dafni.

Dafni - 135 to camp: HA, monastery, camping, restaurant HA again, wine fest, 2 Israelis, many sailors, many drunks, sleep in woods, morning showers. Morning: 2 mile walk, bus to Mandra. Cafe and beers, proprietor gives us ride in 3 wheeler to V (? Thiva?) “nothing for next 2 hours” ? - Giorgos and family feed us, Tasos  & meal, ‘bus stop’ is evidently a joke, truck to Thiva (ugh), hotel, morning Volker and Dork (Cologne, Germany, probably not their real names: Dirk?), ride to Delphi. Swimming, ride to Monasteriki (Efpalio 33056, Greece) where Volker and Dork leave. Bus to Naupactus (mean lady), free bus to ferry in Patros (Antirrio) (some disremembered joke)

Ferry - 800 drachma padded couches, sleep & showers. 

Italy - Bari - kids jeer (a national pastime?), hotel, day of rest, off to Napoli. Ride to Autostrade in bus, 10 minute wait for bus ride to Napoli w/young driver. Bus to town cafe, Irish colleens at Tourist Info, wine. Hostile: French jerk, staff jerks, Irish girls (Kathleen & Katherine). 

Pompei - Germans, Deli & Italian loonies, hitch to Roma w/2 other riders: old man w/squint eyes, crazy Roman ride to central terminal.

Roma - (Lire story) 4K pensiones do not exist: 9K w/old man; Marinis, Alberto & Israeli girl, Colosseum, John2 NY/Colorado/NY ? , Clint, meal, John2^, Alberto & Enrico (IT), Italian ice and Italian from US, Piazza Espange (Google), AMX, market, wine w/Alberto & Enrico, guitar, Carol (NZ), John & Enrico Piazza de Navona, 

Morning -  Vatican for lunch, Forum.  Next Day - 2 museums, Santa Maria della 
Concezione Via Veneto at Piazza Barberini (skeletons), Kathleen & Elaine & wine

Next Morning - (“fight over train” is a footnote), LONG time getting out of Roma, finally Bus 35, 3 beers & short ride w/girl to Autostrade, police and mineral water ? . 2 Italians: food, drink, coffee, beer. VERY slow ride to Firenze: hostel full, camping w/Sam (Canada.) Morning: fantastic (lady) people at cappuccino bar, postcards and sneak peak at David(?), Hostile, market, Kor (Dutch). Campsite: Steve UK & Vannah (Germ) - guitar, talk to friends Keiran, Ufizi & Acadamia, California littlerichboyz. Restaurant and food poisoning. Ride w/Keiran to Ravenna, ‘camping’ outside Venice.’

Venice - English lady & food ?, St, Mark’s Square & church. Off to Switzerland - thru the Dolomites, camp on roadside in a lean-to shack - VERY cold. Out of Italy to Switzerland, Amoretto for warmth. One night, just outside Zurich: 2 drunk people - me blind - trying to put up a tent in the dark, in the rain and wind with a 49 cent Woolworth flashlight that only works in the daytime. Keiran weird and leaves. 

Walk to autobahn, girl ride to Zurich, walk & walk & walk x10. Lady w/daughter ride to Olten, drops and instant ride to Basel and to German border. 2 German girls ride to Freiburg station, train to Gerberau.

Gisela & Jurgen home! Our godparents! Food, drink, laundry, shower, outdoor bar w/German accordion music, Hofbrau, Wolfgang & Vera, stay night at their house (W&V). Morning: train to town, cappuccino & breakfast w/W&V. Gisela & Jurgen arrive, she gives me Hofner guitar, off to France w/G&J: Colmar - lots of pastries & coffee. Kaysersberg France & castle, lunch, 3rd town ? painter, Albury’s type ? place, beer, back to Freiburg, meatball dinner w/J&G, W&V and Reinholt. soccer game, Wilfred, back to W&V sleep. AM Jurgen paints while C, G, & I wear shower caps in a pool, ride bicycles & mopeds. Restaurant in mountains, long talk with Vera, back to Ws. Morning J to work, G & us to thrift shops, eat at University of Freiburg Mensa, arrange ride to Heidelberg. Pasta dinner. Morning tram to town w/G, look for shoes and Swiss chocolate. Evening Apfelkorm and farewell dinner. SOB (as in ‘cry’). Morning G walks with us to ride (jerk), tearful goodbyes wG.

Heidelberg - station, maps and bus to Hostel(!), Eric NY a few bars and beers, back to Hostel. Off again wEric & Brigitta (Dresden) foosball & darts, Siegfried the barman.

Morning - Italian Hendrix freak, we search for the Mensa, lunch, blackberry bushes, hofbrau wMadman dispensing Apfelkorm, 2nd hofbrau with tree ?. Bed.

Dutchman. Ride to Frankfurt w/German race car driver, to roadside pull-off. Deel - Turkish truck driver - ride to Cologne, then Rotterdam. Cathouse (prostitute), Hostile w/loony behind desk?.

Morning - Carlos (SA: is that the usual or South America?), tram to auto-stop.

Denis - NOT Pieter - ride to Amsterdam. see < Amsterdam. Hash from German kids at Dam Square; “We go to the milky way tonight.” Denis’ record collection, next day we are zoned. Denis leaves us his house.

3rd day: up @ 11, into town to be good tourists, sidetracked on way to Van Gogh to a park: Eric (SA), hear the wonders of the Sleep Ins, through the red light district.

AM - smoke last, note to our mystery benefactor. Given wrong directions, finally #16 to autobahn. Off to Belgium: “The French - charmers that they are - refer to the Belgians as ‘the most boring people on the planet’.

Ride to Antwerp w/Dutch teacher, ride to Ghent w/French couple who leave us nowhere, Brit lads ride to Oostend, police ? - leave for England!

It is odd that I have no notes after we get to England, so I’ll make an attempt. 

Jobs in London: meatpacking, bartender, ride shotgun on Schweppes Bottling Co. truck. Contact Peter Hackett and Keith Williams. Weekends at the pubs, blowing every bit of money from our week; horse race in Brighton; lawyer friend eating curry w/sweat running down his nose to his plate; rent in Woking, Chris crawls into bed w/owners, letter from Dad, who will be in Edinburgh in September; see Johnny in Leeds at college and travel with him to his home in Glasgow, meet Dad and Wilma in Edinburgh, Younger’s Tartan, bar towels, no idea how we got back to London, Moto-Guzzi final snafu.